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From the heart,


Hello folks,


“Ajarn” can be translated from Thai to English as a “Teacher” or “Professor” and you may now wonder, where did that come from?


Well, simply because our founder “Ajarn Somsak” or “Professor Somsak” used to be one of those “Professor” back in a day. He used to teach architecture subject while he was in one of the leading university this country has to offer. His love for Thai foods inspired him to open this small restaurant back in 1990, during the time when people were crazy about World Cup (soccer) event in Italy.


Currently retired, but that doesn’t stopping him to carry on with what he loves to do. He passes on his passion to his “so-called” students (in a good way :)) or the “team” that we call ourselves. We are pround to represent our tradition, our way of life via these outstanding, authentic Thai dishes.


For more than 20 years and counting, we can say with confidence that our in-house dishes have continued to evolve, slowly bit by bit, for a greater good 🙂


So we hope you all will enjoy it, or enjoyed it 😉



Baan-Ajarn Team